Akira Morimoto

Executive Officer of the Ootheca


Akira is a rugged individual with a small faux-hawk he combs over. He tends to favor combat gear when his ship is headed into a hot zone. He genuinely likes his position and is loyal to Leara and Gaji


Akira was born on Sakai in the Draconis Combine. His father was a noted mechwarrior who chose to ignore the Combine order to vacate the Raselhague territories. He was killed in the Ronin war, but Akira and his family lost their status due to his father’s actions. His mother moved them into the Raselhague territory to live with distant family on Halesowen. They were nevery truly welcomed on Halesowen, and Akira soon left to find his fortune. He ended up finding work on dropships and soon was rising through the ranks of the Carter’s Chevaliers. Gaji noticed him on a joint raid with the Chevaliers and asked him to be the XO on the Ootheca.

Akira Morimoto

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