Aya Ishikawa

Sergeant, Chief Mechtech


Aya is a slight girl with a bit of a nerdy appearance. She favors baggy coveralls for her work, but unlike her best friend Kylie, tends to keep her clothing, and body, clean. She has a bit of a crush on Charles, but has not made a move, as yet.


Born on Port Arthur, Aya was a loyal citizen of the Draconis Combine. As a child she was employed at a mech factory cleaning floors. She soon progressed to a small assembly job. A manager noticed her curiosity with mech construction and sponsored her as a student in a technical school devoted to mech repair. She excelled there. She was soon assigned to Combine military units to help fix and maintain mechs. She was only 16 during the War of 3039, an assistant mechtech. In one particularly hard fought battle she witnessed the cruelty of some of the Combine mechwarriors against the local population who had surrendered to the invading force. She soon deserted and found work on Outreach as a mechtech for mercenary bands

Aya Ishikawa

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