Bob Exeter

Corporal, Second Engineer, Gunner


Bob respects the command structure absolutely. He was first somewhat put off by Kylie’s age and less than ridged way of doing things, but Bob has come to see how talented Kylie is as an engineer and respects her. He can be a bit protective of her, especially with Chase who has a habit of hitting on Kylie. With his experience, Bob is listed as commander should the crew end up in some kind of infantry action.


Born on Northwind, Bob entered the Federated Suns military as soon as he was old enough. He trained to be mech-killing infantry. He was, so the story goes, somewhat skilled at the job, helping to take down a number of mechs in a few battles. At some point he was burned by a mech flamer. This left him in an infirmary for sometime as he healed. His body healed fast, but his mind was another story. He found he could not return to his regiment. He tried to find a position in the military that suited him, but his commanders eventually signed a medical discharge. Bob began freelancing and eventually made his way to the Dragoons as an engineer.

Bob Exeter

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