Ella Njalsdötter

Senior Corporal, Gunner, Chief Medic, Cook


Ella is curious and open. She likes to learn about people and places she has never been. She is, however, somewhat closed off about the nature of the Jàrnfòlk when asked. She claims that her people feel talking about their culture would cause some kind of bad luck.


Ella was born in the deep periphery as one of the Jàrnfòlk. Her family lived mostly on Hofn where she learned a great deal of her medical and culinary skills with her mother on a large farm. Her uncle ran a jumpship, and for a time Ella served on-board the ship. The ship was damaged in a trade run in the Outerworlds Alliance. The ship had to be sold for parts. Most of the crew returned home, but Ella stayed curious about the Inner Sphere. She took jobs as a cook on-board jumpships to travel around the Sphere and see what the people her ancestors left were like. She spent some time on Earth, and Raselhague before her travels brought her to Outreach. There she found a berth on Dragoon dropships as a cook and medical officer.

Ella Njalsdötter

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