Fahad Alrashid

Corporal, Gunner, Second Helm


Fahad is well educated and articulate, as well as an accomplished pilot. He keeps to himself and likes to read. He does consider Illya a friend and the pair can be found sometimes in a corner of the mess hall.


Fahad was born on Perdition, a Taurian Concordant world close to the Federated Commonwealth border. His parents operated a jumpship that ferried goods between the Commonwealth and the Taurian concordant. On a run deep into Commonwealth territory the locals of Die Moot impounded his parent’s jumpship. A startup mercenary unit was looking for a jumpship and convinced the leaders to press false charges on the Alrashids. Fahad was left to his own devices as his parents served long sentences for crimes they never committed. He earned his keep on mercenary jumpships, eventually finding his way to Outreach and the Blood Scorpions.

Fahad Alrashid

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