Ithaca Cooper

Lieutenant Commander, Recon Team Lead, Hover Tank Pilot


The accident has forged Ithaca into a patient and detail oriented person. Where before she piloted larger heavily armed tanks, now she prefers swift recon units where she can gather as much intel as possible to be sure no civilians are harmed again by her actions. This makes her an exemplary leader for the Ghost Scorpion recon team.


Born to a refugee family who fled the oppression of the Capellan Confederation on Dalton, Ithaca chose to enter the Free Worlds military. She soon became an accomplished hoer tank pilot. While participating in a raid on Krin in the Capellan Confederation, Ithaca accidentally fired upon some civilians who were being evacuated in military trucks. The death of these civilians caused the military to dishonorably discharge her, mostly as a political move to appease the Capellans who were threatening a directed attack in retaliation. Dishonored, Ithaca left the Free Worlds League for Outreach to find work with mercenary units.

Ithaca pilots a custom hovercraft code named the Cheetah.

Ithaca Cooper

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