Jane Kasday


Jane has a slight build that hides a powerful warrior’s body, and a keen mind. She is a skilled mechwarrior, and a good leader. Only her loyalty to Gaji has kept her from receiving a command of her own. No one is sure if Gaji and Jane are lovers, and the pair do not discuss their relationship outside of work. There are rumors, and have been for a decade.


Like all of the Deathstalker Scorpion lance mechwarriors, Jane is a war orphan who was trained by Wolf’s Dragoons. She lost her family in the Ronan war, like Gaji. The pair were picked up on the same route and brought back to Outreach where the soon bonded. Jane has always been with Gaji as the pair seem to intuitively understand each other’s moves. Wolf himself chose to leave them as a pair as they moved through the ranks, impressed by the prowess as a team. When Gaji left to form the Blood Scorpions no one questioned if Jane would follow.

Jane pilots a Marauder II.

Jane Kasday

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