Kylie Chu

Lieutenant, Chief Engineer


Though shapely, Kylie looks as though she has never bathed due to the grime and grease on her skin and clothing. She tends to be more at home with machines than people. She does have a small pet Denbarian squirrel which helps her often by retrieving specific tools. She tends to carry it around in an old leather bag.


Born on Ares in the Capellan Confederation, Kylie benefited from Ares’ designation as a freeport. The Capellan indoctrination never took to well with her. She spent most of her time at the ship yards learning how things work. Her hands-on education made her an exemplary mechanic, save for her skepticism at the government. Durring a stint on a Capellan merchant marine ship she made her opinions about House Liao known. The ship was on Outreach at the time and they promptly fired her and left her on Outreach. There she found work on mercenary ships, eventually landing a gig with the Blood Scorpions.

Kylie Chu

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