Leara McTaggert

Captain of the Ootheca


Leara is a no-nonsense woman who has been onboard dropships for half her life. She has red hair and blue eyes and favors a casual uniform. She is quite married to her work, and tends to view her ship as a child.


Born on Le Blanc in the Federated Suns, before the Suns joined with the Lyrians to form the Federated Commonwealth, Leara enrolled at the local military academy as soon as she could to begin training as a dropship captain. She hoped to leave the planet as soon as possible. She was off planet when the war of 3039 broke out and the Combine attacked Le Blanc. Her family was killed, and the government offered only meager assistance to the planet in order to recover from the attack. This disillusioned Leara and, with her family now dead, she left the Federated Suns’ military to become a mercenary. She worked for a time with Wolf’s Dragoons until Gaji split off to form the Blood Scorpions.

Leara McTaggert

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