Melanie Strew

Lieutenant, Chief Gunner


Melanie has striking gold eyes and white hair. A few speculate this is a result of being born on an asteroid. She has a particular disdain for men, especially those that try to hit on her. A few of her ship mates feel she dresses provocatively to gull men into hitting on her. She tends to be protective of other women on the ship as a general rule.


Melanie was born on The Rock in the Oberon Confederation. She knows little of her family as she was promptly sold into slavery As a child she worked at a brothel doing menial labor, until the matron considered her old enough to begin entertaining. She was popular at the brothel, which perhaps made her escape all the more a surprise to the business. Late one night she killed the man she had entertained, took his money and fled. She was able to buy her way off world with the Ever-Free mercenary unit, famous for the fact their founders were escaped slaves. In Ever-Free, Melanie learned how to shoot a gun, including the heavy weapons on a dropship. She left Ever-Free a few years later with a desire to see more of the universe. According to reports Gaji sought her out on a bar on Outreach to offer here the position of chief gunner on the Ootheca.

Melanie Strew

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