Rossa Stovich

Corporal, Second Mechtech, Gunner


Rossa is a powerfully built woman who stands over 6 feet tall. She tends to keep fit by exercising when she is not on duty around the battlemechs she works on with Aya. Though Aya is her superior, Rossa tends to think of her as a little sister and can be rather protective of her.


Rossa was born on Warlock in the St. Ives Compact. Her family had immigrated from the Raselhague district during the Fourth Succession War. Her parents loged to return home after the formation of the Raselhague republic, but they simply never had the funds. Rossa grew up fascinated by battlemechs. She new she never wanted to pilot one, but ended up taking classes at a technical college to learn to work on them. Her status, the daughter of immagrents, ment that she could not get a job working for the Capellan military, so she found a job as a mechtech working for the Dragoons.

Rossa Stovich

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