Sarah Neil

Corporal, Recon Team, VTOL Pilot


ah is a bit brash, but retains some level of reserve, save for when she can go fast in her VTOL. She has a love for speed and flying. Though her acrobatics are not as skilled as Illya’s, she can outrace him any day in a test of pure speed. She tends to do her own maintenance on her VTOL, to ensure it is as fast as it can be. She is close friends with Ithaca and is in a relationship with Akira.


Sarah was a war orphan born on Skye in the Lycian Commonwealth. The Dragoons picker her up and she eventually became a VTOL pilot for them. Gaji specifically asked her to join the Blood Scorpions when he left the Dragoons.

Sarah pilots a custom VTOL code named the Wasp.

Sarah Neil

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