Chase Murdock

Corporal, Recon Team, Hover Tank Pilot


Chase is a gregarious man, true to his Scottish heritage. He has a serious crush of Leara due to her Celtic background, but he knows she would not be interested, so he keeps his distance out of respect for her work as a captain. He tends to be the biggest joker on the ship.


Born to mercenaries in McCormack’s Fusiliers, Chase learned to drive a hover tank at an early age. His father wanted him to have a range of skills when he was older, so insisted that he attend school and learn as much as he could. Chase was an able student, but still felt the thrill of piloting a hovercraft. He joined McCormack’s Fusiliers and fought with distinction. Still, he found himself feeling board with the routine of the unit. He was on a bar on Outreach when Gaji approached him with an offer.

Chase pilots s custom hovercraft code named Celerity.

Chase Murdock

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