Gaji Imojiri

Commander of the Blood Scorpions Mercenary Unit


Gaji is a small lean man standing only 5’4”. He is a skilled martial artists and swordsman, skills he has no issue demonstrating to those who question his capabilities due to his size. He keeps his hair close cropped and sports a small beard. He is most often seen either in loose clothing, or his custom ’mech armor. This rare piece of body armor acts also as a cooling suit when he pilots his marauder, and comes with a combat ready neurohelmet. He is rarely without at least one of his swords.



Born on Predlitz when it was part of the Draconis Combine to a family of Japanese descent during the Fourth Succession war. Gaji’s parents were killed when he was six during a heated battle on Predlitz as a part of the Ronin War. This left Gaji an orphan. He survived for a time on the streets in part thanks to the kindness of others in his part of the city. He was picked up a year later by Wolf’s Dragoons where were looking for war orphans to train. He was taken to Outreach and there was brought up as a mechwarrior in the Dragoons. He demonstrated great skill as a mech pilot, and rose among the ranks quickly eventually commanding his own lance by 16, and a company by 18. A year later he left the Dragoons, apparently with Wolf’s blessing, to form his own mercenary unit. As this is rare, in fact Snord’s Irregulars are the only other known unit to be formed by an ex-Dragoon, there are some who believe the Blood Scorpions are still connected to the Dragoons, but operating as an independent regiment, much like the Widowmakers.

His connections to the Dragoons means his mercenary unit is well respected, and in fact holds a high rating with the Mercenary Review Board. Presently the Blood Scorpions are stationed on Rasalhague as the Free Rasalhague Republic is using them to deal with pirates in the Periphery.

Gaji pilots a Marauder.

Gaji Imojiri

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