Illya Ivonovich

Lieutenant, Recon Team, VTOL Pilot


Illya is a bit of a mystery, and he seems to like it that way. He is an excellent pilot who enjoys demonstrating his skills with strange and dangerous challenges. He acts like he is a gambler, but he has yet to lose a bet, making most believe he only takes a bet he knows he can win.


Born on All Dawn in the Rim Collective, Illya learned to fly VTOLs as crop dusters in his teens. As soon as he could he booked passage off of All Dawn to find work in the Inner Sphere. He was able to word as a VTOL pilot for a number of civilian operations, including a media outlet, before he made his way to Outreach. There he eventually was hired by Gaji.

Illya pilots a custom VTOL code named Vespa.

Illya Ivonovich

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