Lydia Kain


Lydia is fun loving and sometimes a bit to loud, even for Gaji’s patience. Still, she is a skilled mechwarrior and brings a special brand of humor to the command lance that is sometimes lacking in Gaji and Jane.


Orphaned during the War of 3039, Lydia is the youngest of the Scorpion Lance mechwarriors. Gaji was assigned to help train her in the Dragoon’s protocols when she first arrived and they have been friends since. Lydia had hopes of joining the Black Widows, but soon discovered only those who break the rules and are on their last chance are sent to Natasha Kerensky’s unit. She instead chose to join Gaji when he formed the Blood Scoprions. Gajji held tests to see who should be a part of his command lance, and Lydia won all her trails, determined to fight along side Gaji.

Lydia pilots a Rifleman.

Lydia Kain

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