Mick Posner


Mick, much like Lydia, is a fun loving and boisterous guy. He knows when to get down to work though and get the job done. He has a sweet spot for Lydia, but considers her a bit too young to date, so he has worked hard to be like a big brother to the young mechwarrior.


Mick’s parents were killed in the last few battles of the Fourth Succession War. He was among the first of the orphans picked up by the Dragoons to bolster their numbers. Mick and Gaji ran afoul of each other when they were younger. Mick was assigned under Gaji’s command in a training excersize and he chafed at being under a younger mechwarrior’s command. He chose to disobey an order Gaji gave him, which ended up with the lance being destroyed in the training mission. Mick was penalized. Thankfully, over time, he came to see that age was not as important as skill and talent in a leader. When Gaji first formed the Blood Scorpions Mick requested to join. He tested, as did many others, to win his place in the command lance.

Mick pilots a Howitzer.

Mick Posner

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