The Blood Scorpions

The Blood Scorpions is a mercenary unit that has been operating for about a year. They were formed by Gaji Imojiri, a past member of Wolf's Dragoons. The unit is somewhat small having only two companies and a single special ops lance with attached recon team. There is a good deal of speculation about the reasons Gaji left the Dragoons as few mechwarriors ever do. There was no falling out between Jamie Wolf and Gaji, in fact it seems Wold let Gaji break off to form the Blood Scorpions with his blessing. Gaji was allowed to take his Dragoons 'mech and to offer jobs to other Dragoons who were interested. The Blood Scorpions have spent the bulk of their time as a unit working for the free Rasalhague Republic in the Periphery, even if the Rasalhague people dislike mercenaries

Sasori Company

Sasori company is the primary mech based company consisting of the Deathstalker Command Assault Lance, the Fattail Scorpion heavy lance, the Blue Scorpion medium lance, and the Red Scorpion scout air lance.







Makade Company

Makade company is the utility company for the Blood Scorpions, consisting of the Tarantula command heavy lance, the Bullet Ant medium lance, the Centipede tank unit, the  Scarab Artillery unit, the Hornet Aerospace flight and the Dragonfly VTOL flight. 







The Ghost Mantids

The Ghost Mantids is a special ops lance with an attached recon unit consisting fo a pair of light hover tanks and a pair of light VTOLs. This special unit acts semi independantly of the other companies, reporting directly to Gaji, even having a dedicated dropship the Ootheca.




The Blood Scorpions

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